Rekard – Győr

Acel hokezelo nitridlo vezerles


Equipment/device: steel heat treatment nitrides furnace control

Multipurpose furnace central control unit.


Chio – Győr

Chio vezerlo


Equipment/device: food industry constant operation oven’s control unit


Coats Zrt – Nagyatád

Coats szennyviztisztito iranyitas


Equipment/device: wastewater handling system supervision


Vértes Erőmű Zrt - Tatabánya

FaapritoPLC Siemens

Equipment/device: renewable energy control system

Built-in electrical power output: 1200kW.


Refratechnik – Sátoraljaújhely

Harangkemence emelomu k


Equipment/device: bell type furnace electrical system planning and construction

Temperature: 1400°C, max thermal power output: 1400kW.


Raal Gmbh – Beszterce, Romania

Raal kemencesor k


Equipment/device: simultaneously operating aluminium soldering furnaces

Complete control system of parts movement among the furnace units. Automated load and reload system. Control with OMRON PLC, industrial workstation.


Technical University Miskolc, Steel technology department – Miskolc

meakk hengerallvany


Equipment/device: rolled steel plate production station with complete control unit
For education purposes.


Refratechnik – Bühr Melle, Germany


Equipment/device: high temperature heat treatment in shielding gas in a tunnel furnace

Max thermal power output: 2400kW.


Imerys - Hódmezővásárhely

Imerys CT

 Equipment/device: high temperature heat treatment for cheramic parts

Max thermal output: 2400kW