1. Planning


  • Industrial systems supervision
  • Comprehensive electrical systems (E-Plan, WSCAD)
  • Industrial automation processes
  • gas or electrically heated furnaces
  • Energy management systems


2. Installation


  • Low voltage power distribution units
  • Control cabinets
  • Complete gas or electrically heated furnaces
  • Energy managemnet systems
  • Mesasurement registration systems

We can work as main or sub-contractor as well


3. Start of operation


  • For systems and parts installed or trade by us
  • For custom systems
  • From individual devices to full systems


4. Maintenance


  • Regural or on time
  • At your location or at our site
  • Instrument check or accuracy control also possible at your location
  • Surveying conditions of existing systems, with recommendations on improvement possibilities


Documentation is provided according to ISO 9001:2015 for all our services.


For information about our products and services, and for offer, please contact us at dicontrol@dicontrol.hu , or call us +36 1 467 0830